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  • Soft Noodles Flour
  • Soft Noodles Flour
Areas of Use:
It is used in all kinds of pastries, pastries, cakes and their derivatives.

Usage Features:
Obtaining more products thanks to its high Water Lift
Strong and comfortable dough feature
Good color during cooking and dispersion in the mouth
The ability to maintain its freshness and softness for a long time under suitable conditions

Analytical Values:
Max. Ash: 0.50%
Min. Protein: 13%
Max. Moisture: 14%
Min. Wet Gluten: 32%

Wheat flour, soy flour, antioxidant (ascorbic acid, E300), enzyme (amylase hemicellulase, lipase, glucoseoxidase)
50 Kg25 Kg
Energy and Food Values
Energy kj/kcal 1389,6/332,5 %17 Oil g 1,3 % 2 Saturated fat g 0 % 0 Carbohydrate g 63,4 % 24 Sugar g 0,8 % 1 Dietary Fiber g 10,1 % 40 Protein g 11,7 % 23 Salt g 0 % 0
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