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Our Quality and Food Policy
In wheat flour production and sale sector which we operate;
To obey all related legislation, To meet customer demand in the shortest time and the most suitable manner, To keep customer satisfaction by considering customer complaint and demand, To provide the best product with the highest quality, To appreciate its employees and to provide their participation, To be known, trustworthy and leader firm, To improve production quality efficiency consistently, To perform the quality/food safety system efficiently at all process stage; from raw materials to delivery, To increase the adequacy level of food safety and other systems by following technological developments, For food safety to define and prevent impropriety.
Our Quality and Food Policy
T.R. Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry
Food Production Permit Certificate
Our company, which has a wheat milling capacity of 2050 tons per day and 575,000 tons per year as of the current year 2020, also has a storage capacity of 600 tons of bran, of which 360 tons is in bulk, 2000 tons of flour, 1500 tons of which is in bulk, and 9,000 tons of wheat.
T.R. Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry
Food Production and Registration Certificate
Our company closely follows all the developments related to the flour sector and constantly improves itself both technologically and structurally to the extent possible. As a matter of fact, our fully automatic flour storage and packaging system, which went into operation in 2009, are investments made with this aim.
UDEM International Certification
ISO Documents and Certificates
Our company was included in the list of Turkey's Second 500 Largest Industrial Enterprises in 2008, 2009, 2018 and 2019 prepared by the Istanbul Chamber of Industry. Based on the slogan QUALITY FIRST, our company offers wheat flour without additives, which meets the necessary sanitary and quality conditions and to the extent required, to both first-hand consumers and flour product manufacturers.
Our company which exports to 24 countries on 3 continents from the Middle East to the Arabian Peninsula and from Africa to Asia, increases its share in the global market every year.
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